Keep your SSRS ExecutionLog more than 60 days


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Probably you didn’t noticed yet but if you try to collect usage information for our Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (execution log), by default Reporting Services instance will only keep the most recent 60 days in the execution log . Even though the server had been running a good deal longer than that!

Parameter: ExecutionLogDaysKept

The number of days to keep report execution information in the execution log. Valid values for this property include 0 through 2,147,483,647. If the value is 0 entries are not deleted from the Execution Log table. The default value is 60.


How to keep them then?

There’re 2 ways to do this: (1) through Server Properties page or (2) a SQL statement.  Continue reading “Keep your SSRS ExecutionLog more than 60 days”

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Excel found unreadable content when exporting a SSRS report

Hi guys,

I ran into a strange bug in Visual Studio when I was developing a new report to track the effort of each team member. Noticed that “description” field on the incidents was containing an invalid ASCII symbol,called “VT”. Imagine field “description” as a field available on a random ITIL platform where the users enters the full incident description.

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