Synchronize your Folders using SyncToy (for Windows)


If you use different computers and drives in your job or at home, it can be annoying maintaining the same data in all places in case of disaster recovery.

Today’s post is about how to create your own personal “backup” solutions. Let’s get the party started then!

My bottom line

All the lights goes to “Microsoft SyncToy“. It’s a piece of cake. It’s free, it does completely his job and it’s lightweight. What else?


For Windows

Creating your disaster recovery plan can be easier with the Microsoft SyncToy 2.1 utility. You might have a flash drive to bring your data from the workplace to your home and vice versa. Though sometimes you might forget to copy that files and misteriously your drive starts failing. And oh boy, now you’re in problems .. or not, if you use Microsoft Sync Toy. It’s easy!

With Microsoft’s SyncToy it allows you to easily make sure all data between drives and folders is synchronized. There are a plently of reasons you might want to synchronize folders,  wanna to sync your My Pictures folder with the one at work, or sync your music at home with music on another computer. The bottom line is, it’s free and it works. Is provided by Microsoft and was once part of the XP Power Toys but has continued to grow and improve.

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Create your database sample from a excel file using deltasqltool

Hi guys,


Did you ever think about how you can have a sample data to start build your ETL in meantime you don’t have access to the database?

Imagine the following scenario,

You’re a Europe(an) database administrator and you have received new requirements to build a new report. You found that the required data is located at China and your connection is actually strictly limited due security restrictions on both countries.

The integration will be something as I illustrate on the below figure.



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